Friday, July 15, 2016

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Explainer Video Company: Fuel the Bottom Line with Explainer Videos

Explainer Video Company: Fuel the Bottom Line with Explainer Videos

Wouldn’t you rather watch an animated, engaging and fun video about a product or brand instead of read long blocks of text about it?
Based on research, one minute of video is seriously worth 1.8 million words. With such importance of visual content, it sure does make sense that you use it even more on all your marketing efforts. 

If you want to give your clients and customers something that can feed their hunger for discovery and research and will put your business right in front of them when they need it, looking for the best explainer video company is the best decision you can ever make. 

There are actually four ways on how you can ensure that your explainer videos will help you achieve the success that you want

Explainer Videos Boost Awareness

Most of the time, it is easy to forget that YouTube is not merely a service for video uploads. At the same time, this is the world’s second largest search engine. More than 1.5 billion users use it for searching videos every month and they are just waiting to find your videos. These videos can also be linked to your site to further help your SEO efforts. An explainer video company can create post-worthy videos on YouTube that can increase awareness of your products and company.

Inform Your Audience with Explainer Videos

What does your company do? What are the benefits that your customers can get from your services and products? While you can easily answer these questions, your audience might not. It pays to hire an explainer video company that will create videos talking about your products and company instead of relying on paragraphs alone. This can even go a long way to make sure that your customers get to understand what your company is all about and how they will benefit from the services it offers.

Give Voice to Your Brand

Brand personality can be a very interesting concept. It is ideal that you want your customers to consider your brand as a person with a certain personality. However, establishing this personality online is a bit difficult. After all, you just rely on text to convey the voice of your brand that can leave the audience confused as to what your company is really like.
An explainer video company can create videos that can provoke emotions, giving you the chance to showcase your brand and its personality in a visual and simple way. They let you establish a brand personality which connects with the audience and boosts conversion rate by as much as 20%.

Increase Your Profits with Explainer Videos

Finally, explainer videos will let you make the most out of your return on investment. All marketing efforts, from increasing awareness, informing the audience and providing a voice to your brand are ultimately geared to growing your business and its profits. A professional explainer video company will help you achieve exactly just that with quality videos.


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