{CUTE} Romantic Messages For Lovers

In this post i am going to write down CUTE Romantic Messages For Lovers. Romantic Love Text Messages for BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND.

Romantic Messages For Lovers
Romantic Messages For Lovers

CUTE Romantic Messages For Lovers

Find Arms dat vl Hold u at ur Weakest,
Eyes dat vl C u at ur Ugliest,
Heart dat vl Luv u at ur Worst,
& If u’ve found it,
U’ve found True Love!
L – Loving u 4 ever!
O – Owing everything 4 u!
V – Very nice person 4 u!
E – Everything sacrificed 4 u!

how to impress a girl:
respect her,
honour her,
love her,
protect her,
care for her,
how to impress boy
just a smile (game over)

To let some1 realise ur importance try to stay away so that they miss u.
But don’t stay away for such a long time that they learn to live without u.

Whr was LOVE born??
Coz It has no warranty, no guarantee!
Chale to Chaand tak!
Nahi to Shaam tak!!

A boyfriend described True love before his girlfriend saying as
Wat a Snowman did to a Snowwoman..
He gave her a Watrm Hug & they both melted in each others arms..

Before I
met you, I never knew what it
was like to look at someone and
smile for no reason.

Love is not a thing 2 understand.
Love is not a thing 2 feel.
Love is not a thing 2 give & receive.
Love is a thing only 2 become * “heart touching love quotes“ *

Girl: What Time Do You Go 2 Sleep ?
Boy: After When You Go 2 Sleep . . . !
Girl : Why?? After When I went to sleep? ?
Boy : Because ,, Then I’ll
Have No Reason To Be Awake.

If sum1 dies early, ppl say God loves him very much!
But u r still on earth..
It means sum1 on earth loves u more than God!

Hr sweet luv flows dwn D watrfall of my soul.
Hr swet luv climbs D montain of my heart.
Hr swet luv flows throu D river of my life.
Hr swet luv flies on D wings of my prayer.
Hr swet luv sustains me like D air. * “heart touching love quotes“ *

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