Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech Live

India has got Independence on August 1947 and since then we celebrate the day as a symbol for our fight and struggle. There are many freedom fighters that are responsible for the freedom that we enjoy now. It’s a tradition that every year on the day our country’s Prime minister hoist the tri-colored flag and give a speech describing and remembering some of the inspirational moments happened during the period of the British empire. We like to talk about the things we have been through during the time we fought for our Independence because this is what makes every Indian proud as the historical moments of pride lands in our country. Now just like every year’s Independence prime minister speech this time Sri. Narendra Modi ji will be talking about the Independence as he is our prime Minister.

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modi speech at red fort
modi speech at red fort

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Now Sri. Narendra Modi is known for his patriotism and we all know how he loves and respects our motherland and obviously this makes us excited about the day and his precious words but before that here are some of the points and topics he might cover during his speech given that we all heard and looped his speeches many times in the past. Along with them some facts about the Independence day.

“Today, all Indians in the country and also abroad are celebrating the festival of independence. On this day of sacred festival of independence, the prime servant of India extends greetings to all dear countrymen. I also pay my respects to the crores of citizens of this country on the pious occasion of India`s independence, and recall all those martyrs who had laid down their lives in India`s struggle for freedom. The day of independence is a festival when we take a solemn pledge of working for the welfare of mother India, and also for the welfare of the poor, oppressed, Dalits, the exploited & the backward people of our country.” This should be some of the Prime minister speech this year.

Besides his speech here are 5 facts about Independence day:

1. 15th August also marks the independence of three other nations
South Korea won its independence from Japan on 15th August 1945
Bahrain from UK in 1971
Republic of the Congo from France in 1960.

2. Independence day parade kicks starts from Red-For every year on August 15th. But a news reported from Lok Sabha reported that Jawahar Lal Nehru hoisted and gave his speech on August 16th 1947.

3. The first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had the privilege of hoisting the national flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort 17 times and he addressed the nation on the national day as many times.

4. In 1947, the price of 10 grams of gold was Rs 88.62.

5. The rupee rate today is 63.43/dollar. In 1947 Re 1 = $1

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